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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  April 7, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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we are watching developments in tulsa, oklahoma. a search for a second day. killer targeting people apparently at random while they were out walking. fox staying on the story since the killing began yesterday. here is what we know. youall of the victims shot withn a three smile -- mile span. the mayor of tulsa joining agents from the fbi and various law enforcement departments. and a critical effort to catch a cold-blooded shooter, hitting citizens at will, three dead in just the past 24 hours. others shot but they are survivors tonight. the fbi saying they are looking for what they are calling a lone wolf gunman. and that there is evidence at
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different crime scenes suggesting the the same shooter is responsible. the tulsa police chief chuck jordan saying a short time ago he we are coming for you, end quote. we will bring you the news as it happens with this breaking story also on "the fox report." >> a u.s. navy commander calling what you see here an amazing miracle, a navy jet crashing into this apartment complex. and no one dies. fox reports, what we did not know when this happened. from the scene, brand new developments. also, desperation in the cockpit. someone in the tower is not listening tonight the air traffic controller clueless about this runway emergency. and, teeters on the agency. the rush to keep this armored truck from plunging to the ground. we're learning more about the crash of that u.s. navy jet in virginia.
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as a top admiral arrives at the scene. here is how it looked. student pilot and his instructor flew into an apartment complex in virginia beach. the navy fa 18 hornet slamming into buildings and bursts into claims this afternoon. less than 10 miles from air station oceanna. they were on a training mission. the jet traveling at 170 miles per hour when it suffered catastrophic engine failure just after takeoff. tonight, we can report rescuers have accounted for everybody who had been reported missing in the hours after the plane hit. the two pilots injured and five people on the ground also hurt but no fatalities. everybody is out of the hospital. an astounding ending to what many could i cooive so much worse. [siren] >> harris: witnesses say they spotted the jet flying very close to the ground. then, one man says it looked like the plane just dropped right out of the sky. >> the front end of the plane started going down, and then,
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boom huge black cloud of smoke. i seen the two guys parachute out. >> harris: the jet smashed into the may fair muse apartment complex just a mile from the beach in the heart of virginia's most populated city. right away, some people who witnessed the crash and some others from that virginia beach neighborhood jumped into action. some going door to door helping rescueers pull anybody out of that building. >> harris: a few people pulled one of the pilots still strapped to the ejector seat. >> i ran back there the pilot was conscious but barely conscious. he had a bunch of cuts and bruises. he was bleeding a little bit. he he still had the seat attached to him. i pulled the knife out and cut him loose from his chair and dragged him out and got him as far as away as i could. >> one of the guys said are you okay? and he said i'm not really sure. he was in shock, but he said "i'm sorry for destroying your home. >> adding to the chaos,
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rescuers had no idea how many people were inside that complex. and may have been buried under the rubble. the courtyard littered with plane parts and debris. and the smoke and fire making some areas unreachable for hours. some 40 apartments damaged or destroyed. but in the end, everybody got out safely. >> it was citizens who evacuated the other inhabitants of the apartment complex and got that going and saved them from the fires that went through those buildings. if you wanted to find a miracle, what happened here yesterday meets that definition for me. >> harris: investigators telling us they are beginning to work from the outside in collecting as many of the plane's parts as possible trying to piece together exactly what happened that could actually take weeks. the stiff virginia beach has opened a shelter today for dozens of people displaced by that crash. well, new information now in the scandal surrounding workers at a government agency in charge of rooting out waste.
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instead of doing just that, some of those employees made rap videos about flushing taxpayers' cash right down the drain. it comes after the government released a report showing the same agency spent more than $800,000 on a lavish conference in las vegas. a trip that reportedly included tens of thousands of dollars worth of give aways. even a $3,000 mind reader. now that agency is in serious damage control mode and lawmakers and the white house starting to point fingers. our doug mckelway live in washington with the story. what are we hearing from the white house tonight, doug? >> well, certainly offering a bit of a different view than what gsa did just yesterday when it said it was appalled by the indefensible behavior at the western region conference. now a white house official tells fox news that extravagant spending at gsa western region conference began to escalate under the bush administration. fox news has obtained the expense figures for the conference. they did, indeed, go up significantly during the bush years from 93,000 in 2004 to
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323,000 in 2006. and the year 2008, 655,000 was spent on the conference. and then for the year that is now under so much scrutiny, 2010, gsa spent 840,000 on the conference. obama administration official tells fox news, quote, at least we have taken bold swift forceful action to hold those responsible accountable. and to put in place protections to make sure this never happened again. if bush administration folks had acted under their watch, the 2010 debacle could have been avoided. end quote. a former bush administration official says the obama administration is ducking responsibility. >> this administration refuses to take responsibility for any of their actions, high gas prices, foreclosures, joblessness, solyndra, you name it the buck has got to stop with this president. it's his responsibility. it was his administrator of gsa and it was wrong. >> keep in mind the 2010 conference, harris, occurred during the height of the recession when hard-pressed
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taxpayers were looking at unemployment rate just below 10%. harris? >> harris: which makes it even more bizarre had when you watch those rap videos. you are watching people take their time to show us how they are spending our money. is there any kind of punishment for that? >> well, at this point there is no suggestion of illegality on anybody's part. bad form, bad judgment from a time of recession, yes, that case something made. here is former democratic congressman mark frost. >> political appointees in both political parties make mistakes, when they do they should be brought before congress and they should explain exactly what they did and they should be fired. >> two house committees do plan hearings for later this month. you can expect some fireworks there, harris. >> harris: all right. doug america kelway, thank you very much. president obama using his weekly address to reflect on the jewish holiday of passover now on its second night and christian holiday of easter. >> these holidays had the roots in miracles that took place thousands of years ago. they connect us to our past and give us strength as we
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face the future. and they remind us of the common thread of humanity that connects us all. >> also, republic presidential candidate mitt romney taking a break from the campaign trail saying in a statement ahead of easter sunday, quote, we are thankful for brave men and women from uniform who are serving our country in the armed forces and are away from their families on this special day. we pray for their safe return home and may the hope and promise which we celebrate at easter remain with all of us throughout the year, end quote. the g.o.p. weekly address given today by oklahoma governor mary fallon. the governor focusing on rising gasoline prices. just so you know right now like i have to tell you, you are probably feeling this, no doubt. a.a.a. reporting the national average $3.93. that's up from 20 cents last year. >> this administration is taking credit for american energy production while it works to aggressively undermine it. besides being hypocritical, the president's double talk is
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dangerous to our economy and our national security. >> harris: fallon saying a lack of leadership is to blame. a move to iran now. this is a first. a prominent iranian politician speaking out about iran's nuclear program. the lawmaker saying his country hats knowledge and the capability to produce a nuclear weapon. but he says they will never do so. his remarks published on the parliaments web site late last night. we should point out is he a parliamentarian, not a government official. so his views do not necessarily represent the iranian government's policy. but as you know, iran has repeatedly denied that is even developing nuclear weapons. the statement coming before planned talks between the u.s. and other world leaders about iran and nukes. those talks set to begin next week. a key terrorist takedown of a man who helped finance attacks against nato troops. a militant from a group linked to al qaeda is now in custody. nato reporting the capture of an unnamed operative in northern afghanistan during a gun battle. we're told is he a member of
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the islamic movement of uzbekistan. he helped finance attacks again afghanistan and foreign forces. nato saying third operative from the group either detained or killed in the last few weeks. the group's leader was killed last month. and now back to the breaking news. people near a string of killings in tulsa, oklahoma, say they are afraid a shooter is roaming their neighborhoods looking for victims. five people shot. three dead in the past 24 hours. we have learned police are waiting for the forensic test results now as they compare evidence from different crime scenes. and now the u.s. marshall service joining the manhunt for the killer. we'll bring you more as it develops. and a full-blown emergency on the runway after smoke fills a plane cabin and the pilot sounds the alarm. [shouting] evacuating. >> harris: wait until you hear how the air traffic controller responded. stay close. [ male announcer ] this is genco services --
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>> harris: right now a man humidity in oklahoma series of deadly shootings. someone targeted people as they walked out of their homes and local businesses. now the fbi and the u.s. marshall service joining the investigation. investigators say the attacks happened yesterday in the same area of tulsa. the gunman shot five people, three of them have died. the other two people listed in critical condition in local hospitals. and police saying all the victims are african-american. >> we can go to a community and shoot three people and kill them and five people all together and three are dead, yes, a community is on edge. and they want this man found. >> now we have people that are afraid to even go out of their homes. and and that's not a good environment. >> tulsa police captain saying he has never seen some shootings happen in such a short period of time. white man reportedly seen driving a pickup truck who may
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have been involved. a store manager dead at a wal-mart in phoenix, arizona. police saying someone shot him overnight and the suspect's image captured on surveillance video because there are cameras everywhere these days. here it is. police say two employees were closing out some registered when the suspect walked one a gun. the store manager heard the commotion and ran inside the front door. that's when the suspect shot him. they are looking now for the gunman you see to the left of your screen. frightening moments of the sky when a pilot commuter jet asked the control tower to clear him for emergency landing. he says smoke is filling the cabin and he needs rescuers standing by. it appears the person in the tower was not paying attention. in fact reports indicate he even suggested the emergency call was, quote, b.s. now investigators getting involved. justin joseph from our fox affiliate tvvr with the story. >> united flight 5912 was
4:16 pm
inbound in snowy weather when the pilot first asked permission to land. >> >> 34 right is one of the runways at denver international airport. someone in the tower cleared the plane and within the next few minutes the pilot declared emergency there was smoke in the cockpit. the pilot asked for emergency equipment to be waiting but that never happened. when the plane final lands, it's clear the controller is still unaware there is an emergency. he asked the pilot to hurry off the runway. >> minimum time on the runway. >> the problem is the controller never rolled emergency equipment to help the pilot as he requested. even though can you tell from the next communication he needs it. [shouting] >> evacuating. >> at one point, the tower even calls the plane by the wrong tail number. he says 12, not 5912, the flight's number. >> verify that wasn't you? >> go around. >> and the panic continues.
4:17 pm
>> we're evacuating. smoke in the cabin. >> 5912, the equipment is on the way. >> 19 passengers on board evacuated safely. one with injuries. the ntsb is now investigating. little comfort for the apparent confusion on the runway. >> harris: justin joseph a fox affiliate reporting. a former teacher left his wife and kids to move in with a student. he once taught. now police have arrested him. but on charges related to another teenager. and, now he -- you know what we have all been there before. told to shut off our smart device and listening devices. i never have a listening device. i wonder what that is. a change in airline gadget policy could be in hand. uh-oh ♪ [ barking ] i'm your dog,
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>> harris: we're hearing nbc has fired one of its producers after the network aired an edited 911 call related to the fatal shooting of trayvon martin. self-described neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman says he shot martin last month after the teenager claimed to have attacked him. trayvon's family says that is not what happened. they accuse zimmerman of targeting martin because of his race. nbc today show ran part of the 911 call from police and cut out a big part of that call including a question from the 911 dispatcher. quoting the edited 911 call now zimmerman this guy looks like he is up to no good, he looks black, end quote. what the editor took out was the dispatcher's question.
4:22 pm
>> harris: nbc executives have apologized. reports indicate it was a mistake and not intentional. a california teacher who made headlines when he left his job and family to move in with his 18-year-old former student is now charged with sexually abuse ago teenager. this is 41-year-old christopher hooker and his current girlfriend 18-year-old jordan powers. police say when they started investigating hooker when he announced his relationship with powers earlier this year. they say the alleged abuse happened more than a decade ago. the alleged victim was 17 at the time. >> mr. hooker was able to befriend this 17-year-old victim and continued the relationship and it did become a romantic relationship between the two, which led to the sexual assault. >> harris: hooker has insisted while he met his current girlfriend when she was only 14, the relationship did not get physical until she was of age, 18.
4:23 pm
in response, the state lawmakers is proposing legs that would ban student teacher relationship regardless of age. school employees could lose their pension and retiree health care if they're convicted. some changes to air travel could be on the way. right now as you know, all electronic devices, phones, ipods, ereaders have to be turned off during takeoff, taxi, and landing a lesson alec baldwin learned the hard way. remember that? he was kicked off a flight in december for playing words with friends on his phone while the plane was parked at the gate. asked him to shut it off and he refused. there is the potential for interference below 10,000 feet. now federal officials are announcing they are looking at ways to figure out if the potential problem even exists. casey stegall is live in los angeles with more. casey, i have missed out many a time playing pacman because i had to turn off my device. >> we are addicted to our gadgets, aren't we, harris? we are all familiar with that announcement.
4:24 pm
it is time to turn off and put away all electronic devices. on most airplanes, that announcement comes right after the aircraft door is closed. and then anything with an on, off switch cannot be powered back up until the plane cruises through an altitude of 10,000 feet. for many passengers, they understand the rule as it pertains to cell phones because they are constantly sending signals. however, many want to know why items that do into the transmit data are prohibited. like your mp 3 players, your tablets and ereaders? well an engineer with boeing says the answer is simple. >> the device is on the aircraft are very sensitive receivers, very specific frequencies and modes of operation. the devices that you bring on may not be operating on those same frequencies but they do have electronic emissions that can find their ways into the antennas and wiring or devices on the airplane.
4:25 pm
>> but now the f.a.a. says it is open to reexamining the policy and having new discussions on how to test which devices can be safely operated in critical phases of flight. something many passengers are on board with you about not necessarily those like flight attendants whose primary job is to ensure safety in the cabin. a book is not a distraction but open laptop is a distraction. it's also a distraction if you have your cell phone turned on. the others around you know you are not supposed to. they are busy paying attention to you breaking the law instead of paying attention to the flight attendant delivering important safety information. >> right now the f.a.a. tells us it is up to individual airlines to test devices and see how they react on their own plane. this is something that a lot of gadget lovers are certainly keeping their eye on. harris, one thing we should point out the nearest exit may be behind you.
4:26 pm
>> harris: right. i snickers because i like pacman. joy is where you find it, my friend. >> that's right. good to see u casey, thank you. >> good to see you. thanks. >> harris: it came like an attack, fast without warning. an avalanche burying alive more than 100 soldiers. details on a desperate search for survivors. also, tremendous praise for the every day americans who saw this navy jet disaster and responded and responded like heros with there own homes on fire. they rushed in to save others. now, we're learning more about how their efforts made the difference in this life or death situation. >> it was citizens that dragged our air crew to safety out of the fire zone. it was citizens that stepped up and helped move those hoses. it was citizens who evacuated the other inhabitants of the apartment complex and got that going and saved them from the fires that went through those buildings. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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staying in a hotel right now. we gist want to know if our cat is alive. medicine is in the house. it's just very scary. we are here to find out and get some answers. that's all. >> displaced residents met with navy officials this afternoon made support is available now and some money is on the way. >> the expense funds are intended to provide immediate relief on site at that meeting will also be representatives from the navy's torts claim division up in washington. >> one eyewitness told me it was the student pilot who was apologizing for residents for crashing a plane into their homes. another told me despite the destruction he thinks the pilots are his or hers. >> they came in with -- are her.
4:32 pm
>> the amazing thing is the house over here i actually from seeing the plane as it came in, the plane had actually-though is how low they were to the ground. the plane had disappeared before they popped the ejector seats. these guys rode the thing to the last second. >> bob mcdonald said the fact there were no if a tattles shear an easter miracle, eric? >> harris: peanuts, a fairly common food at the heart of a recall tonight. kraft foods recalling about 3,000 cases of planter's cock ortega tail peanuts. the company saying possible exposure to water that was never intended for food production. we're told no one has gotten sick so far. the recall just precautionary at this point. the affected nuts packaged in suffolk virginia and sold in 12-ounce canisters with the expiration january 9th, 2014. and article for drivers to tell you about now.
4:33 pm
ford recalling 140,000 focus compact cars because of a problem with the windshield wiper. federal safety regulators saying a seal in the wiper motor wiring may be missing. water can get inside and cause the wipe tore stop working increasing the chance for a crash. no crashes or injuries have been reported as a result of the problem though. the cars involved in the recall were built from august 2010 through october 18th of last year. if you own one of these cars, you can take to a ford dealer where he they will clean and seal the wiring free of charge and fix any wipers that don't work in the process. repairs are expected to begin in may. anybody with questions can call ford. the number at the bottom of the screen 866-436-7332. at&t could be facing a strike among 40,000 workers at the stroke of midnight. most of those employees live in the midwest and california. they're covered by four separate union contracts which are set to expire just a few hours from now. negotiations underway we are told. but union members have already
4:34 pm
authorized the communications workers of america to start striking. at issue, job protection guarantees and health care payments. turning overseas now as tension increases in asia, japan deploys extra land and sea defenses. ahead of north korea's planned rocket launch. remember, they have been saying they are going to do. this putting missile intercepters with move to shoot down any parts of the rocket that may veer into japan's airspace. as you know, north korea is planning to launch a rocket claiming it's in honor of the 100th birthday of the late founder. there are concerns that a stagings could put japanese lives or properties in jeopardy. reports of more deaths and violence now in syria only days before nationwide cease-fire is set to go into effect there. activists in that country say more than a dozen. possibly as many as 100 people killed across syria just today by government artillery.
4:35 pm
that report fueling suspicions president bashar assad is trying to crush as much of the opposition there before the cease-fire. government forces claiming they have begun withdrawing troops from towns across syria. activists argue no significant pullouts from happened yet. the government snipers remain almost every major city occupied by those fighting the government. a key figure in china's historic ten minute square protest has died. an international renowned professor passed away at age 76. is he credited for helping inspire china's student movement for human rights and democracy. after that movement was crushed in the tiananmen square protest he and his wife found refuge in the united states. annual commemorations of the rebellion remain a taboo topic in beijing. an avalanche trapped 100 soldiers on the world's highest battlefield. and a rescue from pirates at
4:36 pm
sea of as we go around the world in 80 seconds. pakistan. 100 soldiers buried alive when an avalanche smaches into an army base it happened along the himalayan. helicopter, sniffer dogs and troops searching for survivors trapped under the snow. greece. a couple of thousand mourners attending the funeral of an elderly man who killed himself in apparent protest of the country's austerity measures. ♪ >> harris: he was a 77-year-old retired pharmacist. he shot himself next to the greek parliament building during the morning rush. he left a ♪ saying he could not survive on his reduced pension. iran. the country's navy rescuing 28 crew members of a chinese cargo ship. state tv reporting pirates
4:37 pm
hijacked that sea in the iranian sea. the iranian navy detained somali pirates. both the attack and rescue mission happening in international waters. germany. meet pinocchio. you may notice this 9 month old bunny is missing those long floppy ears, born without them. he doesn't seem to mind though, his owners say is he otherwise healthy and more importantly he can hop like the best of them. and that's a wrap on othis fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. millions of christians here in the u.s. and around the world attending easter services this weekend. that includes some of our brave men and women in uniform. for catholic troops there are concerns tonight a chaplain shortage could effect their spiritual health. now there is a call to fill the religious ranks. our dan springer reports. >> the u.s. military is facing a crisis in faith. the number of catholic chaplains has dropped 46% the last decade. down to around 200 for a ratio
4:38 pm
of u.s. is one priest for every 1300 catholics who are fighting for the country. >> if you are out in a location defending our nation, you may not have ready access to a catholic priest chaplain. >> father charles kanai is former army chaplain. served 10 mnts in pakistan only operating priest. >> -- multiplier in the sense every soldier, especially those in deployment. >> bishop in kenya refused to let him stay in the military because is he so needed back in parish life. father gary wants the soldiers, who are also parishioners are in dire need of receiving holy communion and sack correct of confession between battles. >> these are staples of the catholic life, to be denied
4:39 pm
that when you are in the service of your country is a travesty. >> the chaplain crisis may be easing some thanks to a new scholarship program in which the military arch diocese and civilian arch diocese split the cost of training new priests. a few years ago there were just two seminarians on the u.s. on the path to becoming chaplains, now there are are 31. one of them is michael hougher. air force cadet who in mid flight answered a higher calling. >> i'm motivated by a love of god to give myself to the church and also a love of my country. country been very good to me as has the church. >> still, it will take years to be ordained. the worry is the chaplain shortage may be hurting the fighting forces where there is a belief that a spiritually healthy soldier, one who is willing to sacrifice all is a better soldier. in seattle, dan springer, fox news. >> harris: they say money doesn't grow on trees. that includes pennies. wait until you hear exactly
4:40 pm
how much it costs just to make a penny. follow up on a story we have been following on fox report weekend. a former marine and her military dog bonding during the war in iraq. but red tape kept them apart for six years. the rest of their story now playing out. we'll bring it to you shortly. ♪ what started as a whisper every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. there's an insurance company that does that, too. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy.
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[ male announc ] you plant. you mow. you grow. you dream. meet the new definition of durability: the john deere select series. with endless possibilities, what will you create? ♪ learn more about the new select series x310 with power steering at >> harris: his hart work loved by many of you. tonight, thomas kinkade has died. known for painting amading scenes of cot tamgs, churches and gardens. he passed away at his home yesterday in northern california from what appears to be natural causes. kinkade called himself the painter of light. his work said to be on display in 10 million homes in the united states. thomas kinkade leaves behind a wife and four children. he was 54.
4:44 pm
a car ends up in a canal after the driver loses control and veers across oncoming traffic it is our top story as we go across america. washington. a woman's diabetes may have caused her to lose control of her car and plummet into an irrigation canal. officials saying they believed low blood pressure related to her disease may have played a role in the crash. the car careening through highway median and across oncoming traffic ending up half submerged in the recently filled canal. rescue workers managing to free the driver. >> they broke the window and drivers side made a hole so they could tie the rope there. the woman not seriously hurt in that plunge. massachusetts. a car chief taunting police and getting away with it only to later flip his car on the side of the road. the thief stole a porch from a
4:45 pm
luxury car dealer police station did fancy maneuvering in the parking lot until the police came after them. the porsche turned up later upside down and abandoned. police looking for the chief and two other cars stolen from the dealership. california. yikes. an armored truck dangling from a highway overpass. you can see the truck dripping some kind of liquid, maybe gasoline on to the roadway below. traffic backed up along l.a.'s notoriously crammed highways for hours while crews tried to pull the truck off the bridge. no one was hurt. they are investigating how the truck ended up there. elsewhere in the golden state oakland the sickly pup alcatraz island. the marine mammal center is currently caring for 64 sick pups. nearly double last year's number. they are hoping to return the animals to the ocean in a
4:46 pm
month or two. meanwhile, they are expected to devour some 40,000 pounds of fish. that's a fox watch across america. >> we have an awesome follow-up for you now. they served alongside each other in iraq. after six years apart a former marine and bomb-sniffing dog are together again. exmarine corps patrol and her rex also known as sergeant rex now reunited. both of them injured in iraq in a bomb blast in 2006. the incident ended levy's career. thee returned to new york where she tried to adopt rex. the military denied her request saying rex was fit to return to duty. this year the 10-year-old dog forced to retire. levy started at adoption process all over again. and it was approved. here she is, talking about what the pair went through. >> patrol in iraq during the day. and there was insurgents watching us from afar and they detonated an ied when we got to a certain point. it was scary. it was a long day for us. we got through it together and
4:47 pm
recovered together after. i'm glad we're both here right now and, you know, this is able to happen. >> harris: there is nothing like a doggy best friend. like all military dogs sergeant rex had to undergo temperament and physical tests before being returned to civilian life. what's a penny worth these days. it costs nearly 2.5 cents to make. that means the government is possibly losing tens of millions of dollars your taxpayer money every year just to keep the penny circulating. one country facing the same problem is putting the end to the penny. anna is here to break it down to us. it takes two and a half of these guys how do you get by without a penny? >> we were asking the question around here. no one had one to give to you. >> it's true. this is pretty telling. the united states mint does spend more than double the worth of penny and nickels to produce and distribute them. 2.41 cents for pennies and 11
4:48 pm
cents for nickels. canada is scrapping their penny. end production this month because of similar budget issues. some say united states do the same. the united states treasury wrote a petition for the white house to dump the american penny. in response the obama administration said the u.s. mint is actively researching to find more economical ways to produce our coinage. >> two major ways for a coin to chance. losing weight and having a different or cheaper metallurgical. in 1773 when the u.s. federal coinage really took shape, most other kinds -- including the dime. >> for every dollar of pennies issued by the u.s. mint, we lose 1.40 cents. for nickels we lose 1.24 cents. as you see here in 2011. taxpayers lost $60 million producing pennies.
4:49 pm
and $56.5 million producing nickels. we could do a lot with that money, couldn't we? >> harris: how does the u.s. mint handled issues like this. >> a half penny was used in the united states until 18 a 7. -- 1857. >> it's possible to think about alternatives one of which is just getting red of pennies and nickels and having dimes and quarters and dealing with the rounding off problems that would accompany that level of coinage. >> experts say at some point computers may take the place of physical coins and bills. critics argue doing everything electronically would not be fair because consumers would have no choice but to have a record of all of their purchases. if you are trying to kick a bad habit of cigarettes or junk food your wife is definitely going to figure out your issues. >> harris: i'm too cheap to throw a silver dollar into a wishing well so i need a penny. >> that's your two cents.
4:50 pm
>> harris: teenagers are said to be putting their health at risk. new information about the harm they are causing every time they carry one of those heavy backpacks to and from school. when you think of all the products that come out of england, champagne typically not one of them. i mean, france is next door, right? well, now the british, bring bringing on the bubbly. [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota. in here, the landscaping business grows with snow. to keep big winter job on track, at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting, initiate, bill, and track work in real time. you can't live under a dome in minnesota, that's why there's guys like me. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪
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gain on average more than 15 pounds. in many cases that exceeds 10 to 15% of their body weight
4:54 pm
and could put youngsters in danger of back pain. the threat is greater by the fact that most teenagers don't get enough exercise: most of us might agree champagne is one of france's more sparkling exports. now we hear on "the grapevine" hedge fund managener britain is aiming to give the french a little competition. amy kellogg with the story picturesque english countryside. it wants to beat the french at one of the things they do best. champagne. gobbled up 600 acres of farmland and turning it into one of the larkest single site vineyards in europe and intends to produce sparkling wine with english twist. >> fruity. stylish, have wonderful bubbles. >> in fact, the industry has been steadily bubble ling away for years with smaller boutique bubbly producers. climate change has made their soil hospitable to the grapes
4:55 pm
it makes sparkling. >> surprisingly enough to some we are starting to beat the french at champagne. >> of course, you really can't call it champagne if it's not from champagne, the english variety will come close, especially as comes from long established champagne family. >> i met an old friend and he said so what are you doing now? i said well, i'm going to be producing sparkling in england he just looked at me and said shame on you. s project is still very much into the realm of degrees. vine into the ground and corks popping several years. the team is hoping some day they will be the toast of the town and beyond. it will be another several years before they hope to break even. and put a little money in the bank. never mind, they say, this business is about passion not fortune. in east suffolk england, amy kellogg, fox news. >> harris: watch out, newscaster pelted with eggs and yogurt after break into
4:56 pm
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[ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> harris: a journalist pelted with eggs and yogurt after protesters broke into the news studio. [shouting] >> harris: i wish i could understand what they are saying. stage managers report 17 people many with their faces hidden hurled the food. at the time that newscaster was interviewing a politician described openly as neo nazi and anti-immigrant. you actually don't need a translation. you can guess what they are saying. recapping our top stories. everyone survived and all injured out of the hospital after a 12-ton navy jet crashed in virginia beach. student pilot and instructor hurt along with five people on the ground. the investigation into what happened expected to take weeks. the fbi and u.s. marshall service now joining local authie


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